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Customer Testimonials

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"We needed someone to come in a fix what a different electrician had done previously as we had major issues. We called Wireworks as soon as we realized that there was something wrong. They came quickly to redo the mess the other company had left. After our recent bad experience with the other company, desperate to not have another , I found myself watching 'from a distance' and I have to say - they were respectful to our kids, friendly with our cats ( who were unbelievably curious and weaving in and out of their feet ), and they even cleaned as they worked!! Their workmanship showed great pride. Wireworks was so great to deal with that we called the next week for more work we needed done. Absolutely a great company!!! HIGHLY and ALWAYS Recommended by us!!"

~ Carla and Shan
Sherwood Park

"Ray and his team are knowledgeable and good-natured folks who were pleasant to work with. Great service Ray!"

~ Andrea
Sherwood Park